Felipe Massa starts legal action against Formula over “lost” 2008 World Championship title

Reuters has brought the news that Felipe Massa formally notified Formula One and FIA Executives that he seeks compensation for his lost World Championship title in 2008. The damages are estimated in the tens of millions. Massa’s lawyers state that Massa is “the victim of a conspiracy committed by individuals at the highest level of F1 together with the FIA and Formula One Management”.

This alleged conspiracy drives around the so-called “Crashgate” in 2008, where Renault Driver Piquet Jr, was ordered by hist team to crash on purpose to help his teammate Fernando Alonso. Due to follow up of this crash Massa alleges to have lost points for the World Championship, he later lost in the final lap with just 1 point to Lewis Hamilton. The latter claiming his first F1 title.

Reuters: “Massa sought legal advice after former F1 supremo Bernie Ecclestone was quoted in March as saying he and former FIA president Max Mosley knew in 2008 that then-Renault driver Nelson Piquet’s crash was deliberate but had not acted.”

Massa has now announced legal action in the absence of a substantive reply within 14 days.

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