DP World Tour defeats LIV-Golf Players in legal battle

Twelve professional golfers who joined LIV-Golf, have lost their legal battle against the DP World Tour. Even though the sanctions imposed on these players were stayed in the summer of 2022, the tribunal of Sport Resolutions UK imposed GBP 100,000 fines.

The tribunal did not impose any suspensions. It should however be noted that this case just revolves around competing in just one LIV-Golf event without permission. Playing in more LIV-Golf events without permission could thus lead to other and potentially more severe sanctions.

The legal basis of this decision is generally speaking based on an infringement of Competition Law.  In summary the tribunal found that the DP World Tour was allowed to protect its business by restraining its members from playing events in a competitive tour. The tribunal herewith relies on arguments made by the Advocate-General of the EU Court of Justice in the Superleague-case. Such is remarkable as after the Brexit, the UK is no longer bound to EU competition law.

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